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8/13/16 - Black Magic Box now available for Digital Download at all Digital Outlets! 
5/07/16 - Read the Latest Press on Black Magic Box here
5/07/16 - "The Best Houston Music We Heard in April" Read here
03/25/16 - Official Press Release:
        Tony Vega Band is set to release their smokin’ hot, highly anticipated seventh album, Black Magic Box. The title came about from the record being written and recorded entirely with Tony’s 1947 Gibson hollow body guitar, and like the greats who brandished the same weapon throughout the years; his ability to conjure the instrument’s enchanting power is evident on these songs.
        The lo-fi, barebones, blues sound of Black Magic Box is captured with an immaculate care that pays homage to classic blues recordings of the mid-twentieth century. The record, produced by Vega in the blues-drenched music mecca of Austin Texas in only five days, features such legends as Guy Forsyth (Guy Forsyth Band, The Asylum Street Spankers), and Johnny Moeller (Fabulous Thunderbirds) just to name a few.
    Tony Vega Band have been singing the blues since 1997, and have been stomping across the globe ever since, leaving a die-hard throng of cultivated fans in their wake. Tony Vega Band’s Black Magic Box will cast a spell that transports you to the golden age of the blues further proving he is the blues ‘Monster’ that Billy Gibbons claims him to be.



03/05/16 - New TVB Studio CD coming April 2016! 

Tracy Anne Hart


11/20 -  New Live CD coming Soon (2021)....        TVB Featuring Alan Haynes Live in Houston, Tx....  release date coming....




11.08.2020 - Now booking TVB 2021 European Tour! Go to Contact page for inquiries...

  11/20 - Coming Soon...      Blues & Roots Guitar Zen by     Tony Vega - channel on Patreon!
  11/20 - Electric Blues & Roots Guitar by Tony Vega. 
    Now accepting students. Go to Contact page for email 
      and phone number info. 
  11/20 - Coming Soon...        The Vega Bros. Music & 
     Movie Hour! Podcast featuring Armando & Tony Vega,
       an hour discussion and interviews featuring music,
         guitars, & Horror/Sci-Fi/Genre Films!
   11/20 - Coming Soon...        Silverbelly Guitars by Tony
     Vega! Light & resonant T & S style guitars made in 
       Texas, USA by Tony Vega, using eco friendly light
         finishes and materials, while maintaining that
          vintage vibe and tone.
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